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Although we encourage our audience to join us for live interactive participation during the show, we understand that not everyone's schedule is matches ours. So what happens if you miss a show that you were dying to see? View our archives at your leisure. Simply click the episode you’d like to watch, sit back and enjoy!
Episode 34

Tools Demonstrated

Fein 6” Random Orbit Sander, Fein Turbo I Dust collector

In tonight’s show Ken and John were joined by Vince Girlovich, the Vice President of sales for Fein Powertools. The main topic of conversation was dustless sanding but a wide range of the Fein line was touched on. In segment two John put the Turbo I to the lift test as he “suspended” himself on stage with a vac hose stuck to his head. Will these guys ever give up?
Segment 1
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The big orange pumpkin (Turbo I vac) was demonstrated in this segment. Watch and see how the guys bring humor to a sucky subject.

Segment 2
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Is that a vac hicky? Watch as John and Ken put the Fein Vac to an unusual challenge. Just how great is the suction produced by these little orange turbos? You’ll see in a way that only these two clowns can show you.
Segment 3
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Segment three was a little more tame as Vince demonstrated just how well the 6” Random Orbit can handle solid surface finishing.