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Although we encourage our audience to join us for live interactive participation during the show, we understand that not everyone's schedule is matches ours. So what happens if you miss a show that you were dying to see? View our archives at your leisure. Simply click the episode you’d like to watch, sit back and enjoy!
Episode 3

Tools Demonstrated

Festool Plunge Saws, Guide Rails, Dust Extractors, Virutex Coving Router

This weeks show covered the Festool Plunge Saws, the Guide Rails, the Dust Extractors and the Virutex Coving Router. We also did a repeat performance of the HiPer 11” Sander. The sander shown on the priors weeks episode was damaged. Other than a couple of power problems the show went pretty well.
Segment 1
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Join us as we demonstrate the Festool Plunge saws in this first segment.

Segment 2
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The 11” HiPer sander is revisited and proven to be a great running sander.(in our last episode the sander was damaged and we ran it while it wobbled). The Festool CT mini, the CT22 and the CT33 dust collectors are also covered.

Segment 3
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Dani Coving Clamps are demonstrated in this segment. See what we think is probably the easies way to clamp coves (even if it looks complicated). The Virutex Coving Router is demonstrated by Ken while John sets up for Grining the scribe with the Festool RAS Grinder