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Although we encourage our audience to join us for live interactive participation during the show, we understand that not everyone's schedule is matches ours. So what happens if you miss a show that you were dying to see? View our archives at your leisure. Simply click the episode you’d like to watch, sit back and enjoy!
Episode 19

Tools Demonstrated

Corner Forms, Jost vs. Klingspor

A new invention for solid surface corners, A look "behind the scenes" with a RAW sanding matchup. Definately a don't miss episode.
Segment 1
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This segment is just a short intro to the "Raw" Jost vs. Klingspor video. The Toolguys give us a little hint of a NEW tool for solid surface fabricators.

Segment 2
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Jost vs Klingspor!! A Sand-off.

It seems there's a little competition in the air as John and Ken do a side by side comparison of 2 different abrasives.

Segment 3
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Here it is, first time seen. Using the solid surface ovens, and the new perfect corners clamp/forms it's certain to save you significant time and make perfect corners everytime.