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Although we encourage our audience to join us for live interactive participation during the show, we understand that not everyone's schedule is matches ours. So what happens if you miss a show that you were dying to see? View our archives at your leisure. Simply click the episode you’d like to watch, sit back and enjoy!
Episode 22

Tools Demonstrated

Seam finishing, Perfect Seam

Ken and John begin fabrication of the Weavers vanity top templated in our last episode. Seam leveling, 3M Univac Papers and preperation for the drop edge are discussed.
Segment 1
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Segment one introduces the new 3M paper with it’s unique hole pattern. The guys also show the Colt Router for leveling seams. The top they are working on is sanded and fit to their template that was made in the field.

Segment 2
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Ken and John finish up the deck and start routing in for the drop edges. The Super Rabbet bit from Amana is covered as well as the Pheonolic Edges from Perfect Seam. 

Segment 3
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Rabbets are cut and they’re ready to set the bowl. Sink Clamps from Formline are used to set the vanity bowl. Dani Clamps are also demonstrated for the same operation. The New Cube Oven is introduced in this episode